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Reasons Behind Erratic Lights in Your Audi From the Best Mechanics in Glendale

Posted on September 6, 2019 by europewpadmin

If you own an Audi, you know how cool it is to push it on the road. The undeniable power of an Audi matched with its stunning design makes this car a sight to see for those in traffic. What also makes the Audi so beautiful is its undeniable performance. Several Audi owners love feeling its lasting power as they swerve through the curves and drive endless roads.

However, as great and long-lasting as the Audi vehicle is, it still comes with its fair share of problems. One of the foremost being something you wouldn’t ordinarily classify as a serious problem but it can turn into one: erratic lighting. Hop on any Audi forum and you are greeted with hundreds of entries dedicated specifically to this issue. The lighting system of your vehicle is necessary for our safety, and when it malfunctions, it requires immediate attention for your safety and others.

If you’re facing this problem as an Audi owner and don’t know where to look, consider these helpful tips and tricks below to help your identify the source and address these issues head on.

The Role of Your Lights

Your headlights, taillights, and turn signals play a major role in letting other cars on the road know you’re there. In addition, turn signals on your vehicle help dictate your intended direction. When your lighting system isn’t working properly, it can lead to crashes and unsafe conditions.

Headlights are helpful for the driver as well. Imagine trying to drive down a dark road without the aid of lighting. You would likely miss important street signs or possibly hurt someone in the process since you are unable to see them in the dark. It’s no debate that your lights play a vital role in the safety on your drive.

Reasons Behind Erratic Lights

When your headlights or taillights aren’t working or are performing at a lower level, this can be quite scary and even illegal in some states. It’s best to identify these issues early to avoid possible accidents or tickets.

One of the main contributing factors to erratic lighting is issues with your alternator. When your battery is dead or low on power, this directly impacts the vital source that keeps your car running smoothly, which is the alternator. As a result, your car’s lighting system may be one of the first things affected by this problem. This puts your car in an unsafe condition on the road.

Next, if the interior lights of your car are flashing or dimmed, this is a clear indicator that there is a deeper problem with your vehicle. Often times, this can be traced back to alternate issues. However, a simple bulb replacement can be the only necessary step for solving this problem.

In addition, if your taillights or low beams are dimmed, this is a clear indicator of possible wiring issues. Since your car relies on excellent wiring, it’s vital that you pay attention to even the slightest of signs. Faulty wiring could lead to a host of other issues. Therefore, pay attention to how bright your lights are shining and address potential issues.

How to Avoid This Issue

In a perfect world, drivers would be able to avoid all issues with their car. However, that’s not always the case. We can take the proper steps needed to maintain your Audi over time. One of the best ways to do this is to bring your car in for general maintenance appointments. A skilled mechanic will be able to diagnose potential issues before they worsen. Your one service appointment could be the act that saves your car from irreversible damage.

Next, as mentioned, pay attention to your wiring. You can check to see the condition of your wires by watching online tutorials or asking your local mechanic. Since your lights are primarily affected by your wires, keeping them in excellent condition is key to preserving your lights.

Finally, find the right mechanic for you. Audi vehicles are known to be high maintenance. Bringing them to just any mechanic simply won’t do. You have to find a qualified team of experts who understand the inner workings of your car. They’ll be able to identify issues and help you work through them.

How We Can Help

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