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Used BMW Fuel Injector

Know When to Service Your BMW’s Fuel Injector From the Experts in Glendale

Posted on August 20, 2019 by europewpadmin

Let’s be honest, in the 21st century, it would be a burden to live without our cars. No longer just a faster method of getting from A to B, motoring now exudes its own lifestyle, with cars being as much a status symbol or means of personal expression as they are a mode of transport.

One of the vehicles at the very top of this list in regards to popularity, performance, and style is BMW. Reliable and yet stunning to look at, BMW’s popularity comes as no surprise.

However, what may come as a surprise are the signs, symptoms, and performance issues of fuel injectors that need servicing. In this article, let’s take a closer look at how to tell when your BMW is in need of fuel injector servicing.

What are fuel injectors?

Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting the correct amount of fuel into the engine. This fuel is then mixed with air to create a substance that will ignite in a way that ensures your engine runs optimally. The injectors are electronically controlled by the onboard computer. This tells the injectors how much fuel to add using by using airflow data given by the MAF sensor. The MAF sensor ensures the perfect air-to-fuel ratio is achieved. A fully-working injector should be able to deliver fuel to the engine at the correct pressure, angle, and spray pattern.

What are the signs my injectors need servicing?

There are several warning signs your vehicle will give you that your fuel injectors have become faulty or in need of a service. Paying heed to these will help you respond to the issue in a timely manner, thus ensuring that repairs are minimal and quick.

1. Lean Misfires

Lean misfire occur when there is either too much fuel or too much air in the engine and the fuel is unable to be ignited successfully. This can occur for one of two reasons. Either the MAF sensor isn’t monitoring the air flow correctly or the fuel injectors have become clogged or restricted, meaning fuel is being prevented from entering the engine correctly. Therefore, if you’re having lean misfire problems and have ruled out the MAF sensor, it is likely your fuel injectors are in need of servicing.

2. Engine Failure

This is by far the worst case scenario you might face. It can happen if your injectors are blocked or dirty and have been ignored for too long. This engine damage is most common in turbo-charged vehicles. When the car enters turbo mode, the fuel injectors pump in as much fuel as possible to ensure the engine has enough boost to sustain going turbo. However, if there is not enough fuel, then the engine will misfire and can become severely damaged.

3. Heat Soak

Heat soak occurs whenever the engine is shut off. This is where fuel evaporates in the nozzle of the injectors, leaving behind residue or deposits. Given time, this residue can block the injectors, resulting in problems and a need for servicing.

4. Poor Handling/Rough Idling

If you engine isn’t getting the correct fuel/air ratio, then  you can expect it to perform more poorly as optimum running conditions haven’t been achieved, resulting in your BMW more or less trying to do its best with what it has, as opposed to what it needs.

5. Check Engine Light

Severe or recurring lean misfires can result in your onboard computer assuming fault with the engine, resulting in the check engine light illuminating on your BMW’s dashboard. If this occurs, you should take your vehicle to an expert mechanic for diagnostic work as soon as possible.

BMW Fuel Injector Servicing


Of course, avoiding these warning signs in the first place through regularly scheduled maintenance should be your first priority, instead of simply waiting for these warning signs to occur.

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